1. Two performers will receive a prompt from the judges’ table immediately following the student's introduction which ends with their troupe number.

  1. Time will start once the prompts are in the actors’ hands.

  1. The students have up to five minutes from the time they get the prompt to the end of their performance. They may quietly discuss the prompt with one another before they begin performing, but any discussion counts as part of their timed event.

  2. Any material that is not audience appropriate (i.e. language and adult content) is not allowed.

  1. The Time Keeper’s hand will go up at 4:45 as a visual warning for time.

  1. The scene ends when ‘time’ is called by the Time Keeper or when the actors call ‘scene.’ 


Each room will be provided with two sturdy, straight-backed, armless chairs, and one 4x4’ card type table, which will not support weight over 25 pounds. This will be the only permissible furniture.


  • Two rival gang leaders find out they have something unusual in common.

  • A very famous person gets into a taxi cab.

  • The Big Bad Wolf has fallen in love with one of the Three Little Pigs.

  • They are trying to end their relationship, but neither of them can stop laughing.


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